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Elanor Global Java Edition software – EGJE, is a unique and comprehensive information system for payroll, HR and attendance administration, for medium-large and large companies from various sectors and with various spheres of activity.

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You have immediate access to information through a web browser. You can connect at any time by using your mobile device.



The system meets information system security standards. Maximum access security is guaranteed by means of user authentication and authorisation.



We provide support through a team of experienced helpdesk employees. The software is regularly updated and all legislative changes are immediately implemented in the system.

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Basic HR management

It keeps records of personnel data within the scope of Czech and Slovak legislation. It assures all common personnel activities (employee start date, changes to data, analysis, statistics and others) and keeps records of all legal (labour) relations. You can use this system to generate a broad range of outputs and printouts (lists of employees with parameterisable classification, recorded numbers, average numbers, work start dates, employee exits and transfers, etc.).

Payroll and clearance

This is a key part of EGJE and is used to calculate and clear salaries. Includes complete payroll processing, from receipt of background materials from the attendance system, to execution of outputs for intra-company analyses, government administrative bodies and bodies assuring public services. It can be used to execute deductions from salaries, generate pay slips, printouts and statistics, process registration sheets, and for registration and de-registration of employees from health insurance and social security. Like other areas, this paperwork is regularly updated and is always guaranteed to comply with Czech and Slovak legislation.


A complete solution for the sphere of attendance – it keeps records of attendance on a daily or monthly basis, plans shift schedules, performs legislative inspections, evaluates deviations from standard working hours, evaluates contributions to meals and generates payroll materials. Access to the system is possible by means of standard applications (Java client) or through a web extension (web client). It can also be connected to various systems for managing access to and compilation of attendance data.

Travel orders

Travel orders assures the process of circulation of a travel order using workflow, from a request for a business trip to settlement of the accounts. It also supplies materials for payment of road tax, enables export of travel compensation to payroll, sends travel compensation directly to the employee’s bank account and prepares data for accounting.

Benefits, medical examinations, OHS, controlling and reporting

Focuses on benefits, work equipment, evaluation of employees in relation to performance of work tasks, medical examinations, OHS, controlling and the related reporting.

Education, eligibility and competence

Consists of a set of tools for keeping records and managing all requirements for development of employees occurring within the organisation – using an extensive catalogue of educational events and a competence and eligibility codebook. All with the option of requests and validation using workflow.

Systemisation, administration

Administration deals with configuration and administration of users, including their access rights to individual parts of the application. It identifies users who made changes in the database or launched specific processes.

Systemisation defines, configures and administers the structure of the organisation, jobs, positions, categories and a number of other optional customer structures. It generates organograms and reports.