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Review subordinate personal information on your smart device

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Ideal tool for managers, specialists and employees


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Possibility to use more languages


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At home you can see your payroll

Elanor HR portal is a simple user interface in the EGJE system, with which it fully shares data and functions. This web portal is intended for all employees and managers in various fields and spheres of activity. It has intuitive controls, without the user needing to be familiar with the EGJE system. Access to the system is maximally secure.

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We offer



You have immediate access to information through a web browser. You can connect at any time by using your mobile device.



You use the same database as the EGJE system. Guaranteed maximum access security by means of user authentication and authorisation.



We provide support through a team of experienced helpdesk employees. The software is regularly updated and all legislative changes are immediately implemented in the system.

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